Feeling that your store is too basic ? no worries, you can easily add a marketing header to your store. The marketing header will show up on your home page shown below.

Marketing Header

How can I add a marketing header ?

1. Go to Store Settings > Store Design
Store Design

2. Tab Store Header

Editing Store Header

3. Add a Headline and Description

Adding Store Marketing Header

* Headline : four to six words that attracts user attention, might be a tagline or an announcement
* Description : Keep it short and trendy

Do not add too much information in the marketing header, it is meant to give customers an impression or a quick announcement, you will have plenty of talking to do in the product descriptions 😎

3. Add a Featured Picture*

To make it easier for you to hit the ground running, we have integrated with https://unsplash.com to use their free photos, they are professional curated photos from top photographers in the world, the pictures you use are licenced to their authors, one line will be added in your store footer to thank them for their creativity. To add pictures, tab on the picture frame and select

Selecting a header photo

Thats it, now you have an awesome marketing header for your customers to admire.
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