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Matjar allows you to set global attributes that can be applied later to any new or existing products. For example, a common predefined attribute for a clothing store would be sizes. Instead of setting a size attribute for each new product, you can have Size predefined as a repeating attribute.

If you have many products that essentially share the same attributes, then you may want to consider pre-defining the attributes to be global on your store.

Where do product attributes show ?

Product Attributes are shown on the search page and in the product details when a customer is viewing a product.

Product Attributes Views

It is recommended not to use so many product attributes, the necessities only, as it will show in your product search page and , if not used properly, might crowd out your shop.

How can I add product attributes ?

You can add product attributes by following these steps :

Navigate to the Products tab > Product Settings

Click on Global Product Attributes.

Click on Add (+).

Start adding attribute details.

Attribute Name
Status (You can activate or deactivate attribute anytime)
Show in filters (When you activate this feature, it will appear to customers in product filters)

How can I delete product attributes?

You can only deactivate a product product, once deactivated, it will not show up anywhere on your website.
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