Your products are the vital assets of your store, and they should be super easy to add on your Matjar store. Matjar offers a seamless and intuitive way to upload your products all with flashy images, catchy descriptions and inventory management.

For better visibility in search results, you can also categorize your products under your custom defined names.

Other than the classic upload-from-gallery feature, Matjar also allows utilizing your mobile camera right from within the app and start photographing your product in real-time. This will save you a lot of time, especially when you have hundreds of products to upload.

Make sure you check the product limit on your pricing plan. We offer 30 products on a 30-days trial.

Adding a new product

You can manually upload the product in your Matjar store in just a matter of minutes. To add a product to your Matjar store:

1. Launch the Matjar app, and ensure that your logged in already.
2. From the bottom navigation, click Products.

Select Products Tab

3. From the top toolbar, click (+) .

Tab on Add Products

4. Specify the price, description, and other details as follows.

Adding your product information
A) Images: click to add product image from gallery or using your mobile camera.
|| You must allow the Matjar app to access the mobile gallery and camera.
B) Price: enter the product price.
C) Stock: click to specify the stock as needed. (Learn more about managing your stock )
D) Status: click to specify the product status to publish or unpublish it from the store.

Consider un-publishing the product instead of deleting when you want to temporarily unpublish it from the store.
E) Name: enter a catchy name for your product.
F) Description: click to enter an interesting and comprehensive information about your product.
G) Categories: click to specify the product categories.
Click Save.

The product is added to the product catalog, which is displayed on the Products page.
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