Downloading Matjar

You can download Matjar by visiting this clicking . Alternatively, you can go to the iOS App Store or Android Play Store and Search for Matjar then download it there.

Registering an account with Matjar.

Once you download the app, the registration screen will show.

The Registration Screen

The following are the fields required to register successfully:

Your Name: Enter your first and last name

Store Name: This will be your subdomain. Simply speaking, this will the name in the link you will put in the Instagram Bio, Share on WhatsApp and send to your customer.

Note that this name Should be in English, Must not contain spaces, and Must not be more than 10 characters. Don't worry, you can change this name anytime from your settings

Your Email: The email you prefer to receive your order notifications on.

Password: Pick a password, must not be less than 6 characters.

Accept Terms: accept the terms and conditions of using Matjar.

Initial Store Configurations

By now, your store should be built in few seconds. it is time to configure it. The configuration screen will show right after building your store.

Initial Store Configuration

In this screen, you will pick the following:

The country you will be selling in : The country your customers are mostly from.
The currency you will be selling with : The currency that you will price your products with.
The Language of the Matjar app Interface : The language you would like the app interface to be in.
The Language of your store : The language you would like your store to be in.

Hit Next, and you are good to go. 🎉
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