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Stock Management allows you to keep track of how many units you have in your store. Managing stock becomes beneficial when one of your products run out of stock, as your website will show an Out Of Stock bar on your store.

Product Out of Stock Preview

How can I manage stock for my products ?

Navigate to the Products tab.

Select the product you want to manage stock for.

Tab on Stock.

Manage your stock.

A) Activate or Deactivate stock control for your product: If your product has been counting stock, when you deactivate the stock control your your customers will be able to purchase an unlimited units of the product.

B) Manually Add or Remove units from your stock: you can add or remove units from your stock manually by tabbing on the. (+) and (-) button as shown.

Note that whenever a customer places any order, your product stock will automatically decrease with a number equal to the units purchased in the order

C) Edit your SKU: SKU's are used as a unique reference to each of your products.
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