When a customer buys from your online store, the order will appear in your Orders Tab and you will receive a notification email or mobile push notification.

The Orders Tab is where you can view and manage all your orders. You will have access to all of the order details, such as payment and shipping information, items ordered, a customer name, contact information, and billing address. You can also do a search for orders, or filter them by different categories.

What happens when a customer places an order on my store ?

The following will happen :
You will receive a new order notification by email. The email will come from hello@getmatjar.com with the subject line “[Your store name], new order #X”.
You will receive a new order mobile push notification.
The Orders page will display the new order as soon as your customer has placed it.
The customer will receive an order confirmation email.

Reviewing orders received on your store

You can view order details received on your Orders tab, once you select an order, you should see the following screen :

Processing your Orders

A. Order Status :

When an order for is placed, you will need to fulfill that order. Here are the basic steps you should go through:
New : Means that the order just got it and it needs to be processed.
Processing : Change your order status once you start processing the order, which could be moving the inventory, wrapping the products ...etc.
Shipped : Change your order status to Shipped if the order has left your store.
Delivered : Change your order status Delivered if you already delivered the product.
Returned :Change your order status to Returned the customer returned the product(s).
Cancelled : Change your order status to Canceled if you or the customer would like to cancel the order.

Order status are completely under your control, they are designed to allow you to easily manage your online selling. Once you change an order status, the customer will see the changed status if they log into their orders section on your store.

B. Order Summary :

The quick summary include general information about your order, including :
Date and Time : The date and time your order was placed. The time-zone reflected is the timezone of your country selected in the app.
Order Amount : The total amount of the order charged to the customer.
Number of Products Ordered : The total number of products ordered in this order

C. Order Details :

The details of the products ordered, their quantities and prices as follows :
Product Image : The featured image of the product as added by Matar's administrator.
Product Name : The name of the product as added by Matjar's administrator.
Product SKU : The Stock Keeping Number automatically assigned to the product by Matjar, ( read more about managing your stock )
Number of Units Ordered : The number of units ordered from each product
Product Price : The price assigned to the product without applying any discounts on.

D. Order Price Calculations :

The breakdown of prices, discounts and total for the order as follows :
Total : Calculated by adding the total of each product multiplied by the number of units ordered.
Discounts : Calculated by applying the amount of discount code on checkout.
Shipping : Calculated by applying the shipping cost as configured in store settings.
Subtotal : Calculated by adding the (Total - Discounts) + Shipping Costs

E. Payments Collected and Remaining :

Matjar allows you to manage collected payments against an order, if you sell in cash, you can record the payments collected by tabbing on Register Payments or Mark as Paid

F. Customer Comments :

The comments that the customer left during the checkout process.

G. Registering Payments :

You can read more about Registering Payments Here.

H. Customer Information :

Name : The Customer Name as filled in the checkout form.
Email : The Customer Email as filled in the checkout form.
Phone : The Phone number as filled in the checkout form.
Customer Address : The address you are supposed to send the products to.
You can call the customer or send a WhatsApp message by tabbing the buttons next to the customer phone
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