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About Payments
Matjar currently supports Cash Payments for your store orders, cash payments are payment made outside your store’s online checkout. This includes cash on delivery (COD), phone orders, and checks or bank transfers.

In order to give store owners ways to better manage their online payments, Matjar allows you to manually track your payments in the following statuses :

Awaiting Payments : Means that no payments has been registered against this order.
Partially Paid : Once a payment is registered on against your order, your order status will automatically change to either Partially Paid or Paid
Paid : If you register an amount equal to the total amount of the order, the order status will be automatically switched to Paid.
Cancelled : If your order status is changed to "Cancelled" by you or your customer, the payment status will automatically change to Canceled
Partially Refunded : If your customer returned part of your order not all of it, you can mark the order as Partially Refunded.
Refunded : Change your payment order status to Refunded if your order was refunded.

How do I register payments on my orders ?

Go to your order details page and tab on Register Payments

Registering Payments

Input the amount you would like to register against the order then click on Register Payments

The payments registered should show across your Reports and in the order details.
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